Lesson Plan Ideas for 01/06/21

Visual Documentation:

Think about these pictures from January 6, 2021. They were taken on the afternoon of the day when the certification of the presidential election were to take place at the Capitol Building. Think about these photos. What do you see happening? Photos are at the end of the prompts.

Symbols & Representation:

Think about the flags represented in the pictures below. What different flags do you see? What do you think the people are seeking to represent and stand for by the use of those flags?


Think about the sanctity of spaces. What is the Capitol Building a symbol of? How did this event impact the symbolic significance? Think about different places in the world where legislative buildings were disrupted for a political/social purpose. How does this signify divisions in a country, revolution, or civil war? How are these similar or different?

This link gives you some more:

People & Power:

It is commonly said that power resides with the people in a democracy. What has the role of different people been in this event. Find out more about the role of the police on January 6, 2021 as the Capitol Building was violated. What role did the President play in this occurrence? When the leaders returned to the sessions, how were their speeches significant? What was the significance of the vote of the people?

Social Speaking Spaces:

What role did Twitter and other social media play on this day? People’s voices were heard on social media. What did they make you think?

Labels & Definitions:

Words have power. When we give things a name we are defining them as such. Think about the following words: Protestors, Rioters, Terrorists, Insurrectionists, Thugs. What are the differences in these labels? Who are they used for and what are the qualifiers for these terms? How would you place them on a spectrum of a seriousness of an offense? What role does race play in the application of these terms?


Dr. Noor Ali is the Principal at Al-Hamra Academy, Assistant Professor of Education at Worcester State University, scholar-practitioner, mom and some more…

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